Zoe Alexander



When I first started PerezHilton.com, I was invited to a DIVAS WHO DINE luncheon in Manhattan by a well-connected friend. When I got there the D.I.V.A.S were so eager to help me. This was in 2004 so blogging was new and I was not known at all. I had very few readers at the time. That all changed after I met the DIVAS. They helped me out with contacts, put me on important guest-lists and did everything they could to help me accomplish my goals. It was so refreshing to be in a room of DIVAS who were there to help each other. I was inspired!”  —Perez Hilton, Blogger


“My membership in DIVAS WHO DINE has been invaluable.  Every time I attend a monthly meeting, I leave with so many ideas for news feature stories.”– Tamsen Fadal, Correspondent/Anchor WPIX-TV


“It’s a good place to hear what people are talking about and its great for building relationships with women in the know.”   —  Elizabeth McNeil, NYC Bureau Chief, People Magazine

DIVAS WHO DINE is a fantastic idea. I don’t usually join organizations like this but I had heard so many great things about it that I applied. I’m glad I did. It’s interesting and inspiring to be connected to a network of women who are successful and so open to helping one another. I like reading the DIVA listserv and seeing all of the things everyone is up to.”   — Susan Miller, CEO of Astrologyzone.com


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