Zoe Alexander


Here are some frequently asked questions.
1. Who started this group? 

The group was started by writer/author Zoe Alexander in 2004 when she was Senior Reporter at Us Weekly Magazine. She was constantly being invited to luncheons by publicists so that they could pitch her and get their clients into the magazine. One day she looked at her calendar and was overwhelmed by all of her upcoming luncheons, drinks and meetings  that she decided to consolidate all of these separate commitments into one meeting.

“I basically had so many things scheduled that I wanted to cry every time I looked at my calendar. So emailed everyone I had a confirmed upcoming lunch, dinner or drink with that month and told them all to meet me for lunch on the same day.” she said. “About 20 people showed up. Then I did it again and 90 people showed up. I was overwhelmed by the response and a friend of mine, publicist April Thibeault said, ‘You need to make this into a regular thing.’ We did.”

“So I coined the phrase DIVAS WHO DINE based on the term “Ladies Who Lunch” and it grew to a multi-city phenomenon. We have chapters in Miami, Philadelphia and Los Angeles as well as the original NYC chapter. We have had amazing chapter leaders over the years including Tara Solomon of Tara Ink, Tamsen Fadal, anchor from WPIX, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton of Healthy Yoyager and Tracy Stern of Tracy Stern Inc. We’ve also had collaborations with wonderful brands we love.

2. When I join DIVAS WHO DINE do I get a list of members of the group?

No. Our members join the group to be counted among an elite, hand-picked group of fashionable, fabulous professional females. Basically we were meant to be a secret society but our members are high-profile and have big mouths so everyone knows about us. This is a bonus for the brands we work with but we aren’t a traditional networking group with a ton of random members. We favor quality over quality. In fact, most of our members don’t sell products of their own.  They are fashionable fabulous women in media, fashion PR/Marketing and hospitality.  Members do not want to be spammed. Therefore, we do not circulate member’s lists to individuals. If you are around long enough, you will meet most of the members who will probably become your life-long friends, colleagues and/or collaboration partners.  The members understand reciprocity and will personally give you their information if they would like to receive your pitches, solicitations, etc.  The members are always eager to help each other in any way that makes sense for both parties involved.

2.  Can I buy a member’s list?

No. We do not sell our member’s list. If you want to reach our members, email us at info [at] divaswhodine [dot] com and we will talk to you about that.

3. Can our company work with DIVAS WHO DINE? The group seems like the perfect audience for our brand.

We ’d love to work with you too!  We hope you’re a good fit. We accept advertising and sponsorships on the site and through our exclusive dinners and luncheons as well as social media.  We’ve worked with some great brands on some incredible campaigns and we’d love to bring our expertise to your party.  For money.  Otherwise we’ll come to your party if time permits, but we’ll leave our expertise at home.

We do occasional non-member profiles or features, and would be happy to consider yours — especially if you are a company that has products, services  that DIVAS would be interested in– like cocktails, makeup, clothing and other things that fashionable fabulous professional women buy.

 4. I applied to join DIVAS WHO DINE but was not let into the group. Why?

There is a proprietary DIVA algorithm we developed to select and approve members. We have perfected the algorithm over the years after lots of trial and error. Our motto is: “Ask not what DIVAS can do for you, but what YOU can do for other DIVAS.” The group’s mission is reciprocity. The term “DIVA” in our name is figurative not literal. We are a great group of women who help each other make things happen in our careers and lives. Life-long friends are made in this group and we just happen to be influential, over-achieving, taste-making ladies as well.

5. If I become a member, am I a DIVA for life?

No. We have annual dues. (Certain approved members of the media are exempt and do not have to pay dues. ) So if you do not renew annually, you are not still a member. This also means if you attended an event as a guest but were not approved for membership you are not a member. An individual can only attend one meeting as a guest without joining. We did at one point offer lifetime memberships. We don’t offer those at this time. So if you purchased one then you know who you are (and so do we), This answer is not for you. If we let you into the group and you start behaving in ways that aren’t in line with the DIVAS WHO DINE mission of reciprocity then we will ask you to leave the group.

6. How do I apply for DIVAS WHO DINE membership?

Click on this link to apply online http://www.divaswhodine.com/apply/

We will contact you with next steps if we think would be be a good addition to the group.

7. Want a piece of the DIVAS?

Our founder Zoe Alexander knows a lot of valuable stuff about branding, voice, groups and knows a lot of well-connected ladies and yes!  she’d [probably] be happy to consult for your brand. Contact her here

8. What other brands does Zoe Alexander own?

Zoe owns Poetrie.com an online women’s clothing and accessories boutique featuring indie designers and has a blog JetSetFashionista.com where she overshares about her life as a Millinnial mom in Los Angeles.  Oh and she also co-wrote a fashion book for teens with celebrity stylist Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mom). She is also involved in charity work that promotes health and education for women and children in Africa.

Lastly, no Zoe Alexander isn’t the Pink impersonator from UK’s  X-Factor. They just happen to share the same name.

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