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Recently, one of the DIVAS mentioned she broke a tooth eating popcorn and suffered the demoralizing experience of having to go to work meetings with a chipped front tooth. She told me about how just weeks prior she’d met a woman who recommended a great restorative dentist. She didn’t realize she would be needing one so soon after getting that tip but the universe gives you what you need if you pay attention, right? Get this. The dentist was the woman’s ex-husband. The DIVA did some relationship math and figured he must be a good dentist and a decent guy if his ex-wife was recommending him.

So the DIVA made the appointment with Dr. Derek Faktor. He fixed her tooth and she said she didn’t experience any pain during or after the procedure. In fact, she ended up not even needing to fill the prescription for pain medication he gave her. She also confirmed that he’s a nice guy as well as very professional. Oh and in case you’re wondering…he’s single. Act fast! A single, good-looking doctor in Manhattan is like a unicorn — impossible to find. If you are taken and just need a great dentist.. he’s perfect for that too. Tell him the DIVAS sent you.

Here are his details:


Dr. Derek Faktor
693 Fifth Ave 14th Floor
New York, New York 10022


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