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Karen Parker O'Brien and John Varvatos
When Style Room  launched its Manhattan shopping tour about a year ago, the company’s owner Karen Parker O’Brien had no idea it would become the success it is today. It went from being Parker O’Brien’s fun sideline service to what would become a lucrative revenue stream, one that’s brought Style Room tons of new business and massive media attention. (CNN, Daily Candy, Washington Post…to name a few!)

In the old shopping tour world, shoppers used to be herded around showrooms and/or stores like cattle for deals on clothing and accessories. However, on a Style Room Tour Experience they roll around in a limo, stocked with cocktails and a mixologist. Yes, that’s right, a mixologist that will make you hotsy-totsy cocktails of your choice while you are personally escorted by Parker O’Brien into a private world open only to clothing and accessories store buyers, owners, magazine editors and stylists.

I caught up with DIVA Karen via phone the other day (she is in NYC and I’m in LA). We discussed Style Room and how her tour is raising the bar in shopping and giving NYC tourism a nod from traveling and native-Manhattan fashionistas who previously would have never been caught doing a shopping tour. Here’s a peek into our DIVA Girl Talk session.  Read the rest of this entry »



Chances are you’ve already blown your New Year’s Resolutions. Hey girl, don’t feel bad! (In our Ryan Gosling voice.)

Everyone knows that if you aren’t already a size 2 and haven’t been living on GlowBio juices since fall, you’re probably not going to look like a Victoria’s Secret model by summer anyway. So why do the same weight-loss song and dance again?   The good news is, it’s not to late to start working on your inner peace. What?! Yep, that’s right…the noggin. That’s where it all starts. Meditation can help quite the super-active mind of the most ambitious Alpha-DIVA so she can focus on what’s most important in her life and forget the nonsense (people, places or things) that slow her down.

We know that you’ve got it all under control and you don’t need to improve relationships, psychological and physical health, sleep quality, or your mood. But in case you do, you can jump onto Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge and sort yourself out once-and-for-all in 2013. The program is FREE and comes complete with complete with emails that will guide you through a 16.5-minute daily meditation, keep you inspired, encourage you to write in an online journal, and help you pick up other life lessons when you register.

Yeah, it started two days ago, but you’re just in time. You can start today. (We are too!)

Go here to start.  The first couple of days we missed are posted so you can catch up.

Come on DIVAS, let’s rock this!

1. Thou Shall Not Chase Anything or Anyone. A DIVA stands still in her fabulousness and attracts what she wants.
2. Thou Shall Ask, Imagine, Believe, Align and Receive

3. Thou Shall Run Your Own Race and Not Worry About What Other People Are Doing

4. Thou Shall Give Business to Other DIVAS

5. Thou Shall Own Your Own Name as an URL and Use It to Promote Who You Are and  Link It to Your Business Website

6. Thou Shall Ask For Help When You Need It

7. Thou Shall Figure Out Your Passions and Make Them Part of Your Work

8. Thou Shall Have Multiple Streams of Income

9. Thou Shall Make One Night A Week Date Night With Your Significant Other ( or someone who has the potential to be)

10. Thou Shall Ask for What You Want and Then Set Up The Conditions Needed in Your Life to Allow it To Happen.

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