Zoe Alexander

Useful Twitter Tools

Posted on: December 29, 2008

The popularity of Twitter has created lots of new tools to help us all in a variety of different ways. Here is a list of tools with a short explanation of each one:

Qwitter: You get told when one of your followers leaves
Tweet Scan: Allows you to set-up and save searches
Twuffer: You can schedule your tweets for later
Twitterank: find out where you rank against all the other Twitterers
TweetStats :Discover statistics on which day you tweet most and the top twitter trends
TweetValue:See how much your Twitter profile is worth in dollars
TwitterCounter: Shows the top 100 most popular Twitterers and how your followers are growing – or falling
Twellow :: Twitter Search Directory, (Twitter Search Engine)
Twist – see trends in twitter. You can check and chart your keywords as they appear in Tweets.
TwitterBuzz – The most popular links on Twitter – URL Popularity
Twitscoop – Search twitter, see what’s hot right now
Twitter Firefox Addons- Twitter Chat
Twitter WordPress Plugins
Twilert: Twitter search alerts via email
Tweet Beep: Get alerts via email
CheapTweet -Twitter Deals, Coupons, Sales and Discounts for US based Twitterers
Twitter Directory
Twubble (yes, I know!) – it checks your friends and see others who you might like to follow
Your Twitter Karma shows whether you link to your followers and whether the people you follow link to you
Twits Like Me: Find new friends on Twitter
MMMeeja Blog – Plot Your Twitter Followers On A Map
Twitterverse: See Tweets on a world map as they occur (well nearly!)
TweetLater: Schedule Future-Dated Twitter Tweets and set-up keyword alerts

Every tool is reasonably easy to use and really help your Twitter experience.

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