Zoe Alexander

NYC DIVA Luncheon @ Aquavit on July 26th

Posted on: August 5, 2007

Dear NYC Divas,

President Tamsen Fadal and Vice President Dianna Feldman would like to thank all of the Divas who attended our event at Aquavit !

We would also like to say thank you to our Diva Guest speaker of the day, Marta Tracy, TV Strategist & author of Starring You! along with La Bella Donna who provided over $200 in products for our giftbags. Look forward to seeing you at the next event!
Below is a list of attendees, members can login to the member’s directory for detailed contact information.


NYC DIVA Luncheon @ Aquavit July 26, 2007 1-3pm

*Dare Inc.
Evie Evangelou

2Belles, Girly Einstein
Cassandra Kelley

*Accessories Magazine
Lauren Parker

Bach Enterprises, LLC
Stacie Urbach

Ceci New York
Lisa Hoffman

*Eda Kalkay Public Relations, LLC
Eda Kalkay

*EMRG Media & NYC Venue Guide
Erica Mauer

*Gale Group
Elizabeth Cohen

*Getty Images
Bara Votto

*Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia
Sharon Becker

Monica Schenker

*Iris Rosin LLC — visual & floral design
Iris Rosin

*Jade Albert Studio Inc
Jade Albert

John Hardy (Jewelry)
Carrie Niese

Just Ask A Woman
Jen Drechsler

*Kathlin Argiro Dresses
Kathlin Argiro

*Luca Luca
Leena Gurevich

*Mary Shops
Michelle Bork

Marketing and Special Events
Cheryl Miller

Outhouse PR
Carrie Schantz

*PFF Entertainment – makers of PervArtistry
Christi Smith

*Rapunzel’s Closet
Randi Evans

*Safilo USA
Eden Wexler

*Second Melody
*Michael Graham

Michelle Madhok

*SoHo Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery
Shirley Madhere

*Soiree Events
Danielle Scherman

*Squeaky Wheel Promotions
Jackie Saril

*Squeaky Wheel Public Relations
Karen Hertz

*Susan Blond Inc.
Elizabeth Rosenthal

*Top Button
Dianna Feldman

*Union Square Ballroom
Tracie Simon

Cathy Hobbs

Michelle Edgar

*WCBS-TV, Channel 2
Tamsen Fadal

* denotes member. Click here for attendee contact info

Can’t wait to see you all at our next NYC luncheon, August 23rd, 2007. RSVP

Tamsen Fadal & Dianna Feldman
President Vice President


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