Zoe Alexander

LA DIVA Dinner June 18th Recap

Posted on: July 7, 2007

Hello DIVAS,

Thank you to all who attended the LA DIVA Dinner on June 18th at Simon LA at the beautiful newly remodeled Sofitel Hotel. http://www.sofitella.com

Special thanks to the fabulous owners of Simon Elizabeth Blau and Kerry Simon for inviting the DIVAS to dine at your wonderful establishment.

For contact information for any DIVA please go to the membership directory of the members-only section www.divaswhodine.com

If your membership is up-to-date then you can go to www.divaswhodine.com and login. Please click “forgot password” if you cannot remember your password or don’t know if you have one and it will be emailed to you.

If you would like to apply to join DIVAS WHO DINE, please go to www.divaswhodine.com/apply. Membership is free for members of the media.

Below is the list of DIVAS who attended.

1. Susan Lawlor- Talent Relations, AOL
2. Jennifer Abel- Senior Producer, AOL
3. Rebecca Winters-Keegan- Staff Writer, Time Magazine
4. Khanh Tran- West CoastMerchandising and Textile Editor, Women’s Wear Daily
5. Miki Turner-Producer, BET and AOL
6.Barrie Lynn Krich- The Cheese Impresario (www.thecheeseimpresario.com)/ Food Columist for Beverly Hills Times
7. Christine Martin- partner, Equity Strategic Relations
8. Rachel Herrera- Celebrity Makeup Artist
10. Jessica Denay- CEO/ Founder of The Hot Mom’s Club (www.hotmomsclub.com)
11. Joy Bergin- head hair stylist for ET and the Insider, co founder of the HotMoms Club
12.Julie Andrews- Director of PR & Marketing for Kerstin Florian
13.Jackie Burke- Producer, E! Entertainment
14. Kimberli Partlow- Communications Coordinator for KOR Hotel Group15.Jamie Klein-
16.Lesley Ralla- publisher, LA Eater
18. Samantha Wolf- West Coast Finance Director for Senator Hillary Clinton
19. Zoe Alexander-Levin- Correspondent, LA Daily News/Commentator, E! Entertainment/Founder of DIVS WHO DINE
Giftbags provided by Multie-media, Pregnancy Without Pounds and Cycles Gladiator wine.


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