Zoe Alexander

Zone 1: Your Mind

This week we are focusing on the most important thing in your life– your mind.  Your personal life may be a second and your career may be third –or vice versa. However, your mental/emotional well-being should be first. If that’s not in place, you’re not going to be able to succeed at anything you do. Just like the saying says, “Put your own oxygen mask on before you try to help anyone else.”  As a DIVA, your oxygen mask is your well-being. Just pick one aspect of becoming clear and centered and focus on it this week.
Meditation: Do you live in fear that some of your worst fears will eventually come true? Keep thinking/worrying about them and they will. If you take nothing from self-help and New Age chit-chat, remember that “What you focus on expands.” It’s true. Not sure why, but that’s the way it is. So if you would just accept this and start focusing on the good in your life rather than the bad, you would see good things start to happen as if by magic. Even if you don’t believe it,  you might as well experiment right? First thing you have to do is clear your mind every day and center. That’s why meditation is key. Try it for a half an hour every morning. Get up a half an hour earlier if you have, it will be worth it. If you can’t do it in the morning, do it at night before bed. Just do it.


Your bathroom should give you sense of relaxation and joy when you enter. This is a place for you to pamper and take care of yourself. Treat the room with love and respect and it will bless you with comfort and peace.

FlyBabies: Remove the obvious clutter, take out the dirty laundry, and empty the garbage can.

If your bathroom is clean but still cluttered: Start decluttering (makeup, old towels, old medicine, hair supplies, shampoos, etc.). Check out Kelly’s missions, she usually sends out one during the week which concentrates on decluttering one small area of your bathroom.

If your bathroom is decluttered: (that means no more clutter — only the things you use and love) Go onto the detailed cleaning list. You will be amazed at how wonderful a 20-minute mini-vacation in a hot bath (complete with candles and bubbles) will feel when the CHAOS is gone from the bathroom. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to add the bathroom to your daily routines. A couple of minutes focusing on the bathroom each day will make a huge difference!

FLY Spot

Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room. Take a few moments this week to
examine your towels and wash cloths. Do you have an adequate amount? If not,  budget a little money each week to purchase a new towel or a couple of wash cloths. Are you embarrassed to let anyone see your thread bare and torn towels? Then you also need to budget a little money for new towels! You, your family, and guests deserve nice fluffy towels to enjoy after bathing. What to do with the worn towels? Offer them to your local animal shelter. They usually love donations of used linens so that the animals have something besides a cold concrete floor to sleep on!

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