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WhiteCherryVodkaEvery once in awhile (usually after watching an episode of Mad Men) we get nostalgic over here at DIVA Headquarters. We dream of the days when cocktail hour was an classy event not just a feeding frenzy at a local bar. Then we snap out of it when we remember that if we lived in Mad Men days we’d all be secretaries instead of DIVAS. That said, we do love a good cocktail!  Recently the ladies in Los Angeles did our first DIVA Beverly Hills cocktail crawl.
First, we started at Dr. Simon Ourian’s Epione. Yes, that’s right! We had cocktails at the famous cosmetic surgeon’s totally chic waiting room which, by the way,  looks like more fashionable lounge than your average bar. Then we headed to Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca restaurant. We were joined by a select group of fashionable LA ladies including media babes Carly Steel (TV Guide host), Shira Lazar (host of You Tube’s “What’s Trending”). We got a super-secret first look at In Touch/Life & Style Executive Editor Jo Piazza’s new book, Love Rehab 

Our friends at Skinnygirl provided the cocktails and some fun recipes for the DIVAS who didn’t get to join us to try at home.

Skinnygirl Sweet Cherry Lemonade Spritzer

·         1 part White Cherry Skinnygirl Vodka (Yes, white cherry vodka!)

·         3 parts sparkling water

·         1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice

·         Frozen sweet cherries (thawed)

Place ice and thawed cherries into a glass. Mix vodka, water and lemon juice. Pour over ice. Garnish with a fresh lemon wedge.


Clean Desk 101

Maintaining a neat and organized work or home office desk is challenging in today’s busy world, but totally worth it. It’s demoralizing to face a messy desk at the beginning of a work day. It’s uncomfortable to work, think and function in the middle of disarray. A messy desk is also a drag on productivity. You get a lot more done if you don’t have to go on a five minute hunt every time you need to locate an errant file or fresh pen.

The best way to declutter a messy desk and organize your office is to designate a location for paperwork and office supplies. After all, you can’t put everything in its place if you don’t have a place for everything. Desk organizers and desk accessories will help you declutter a messy desk.

Take a look around your office. Do you have enough office shelves?

If you’re reading a blog post on how to declutter a messy desk, the answer is no, you do not have adequate office shelving. Hey, we don’t blame you. Martha Stewart is probably the only person in the world who enjoys hanging shelves. But you don’t have to be a Martha to add more shelving to your office. Just stack a desk top shelf or two on top of your desk and use it to store your reference books, file storage boxes, surplus stock of office supplies, etc. Add a few knick knacks and framed photos of your family. Now, you’ve not only taken the first step to organizing your messy desk, you’ve added style and personality to your office.

How about pencil cups, letter trays and other office space savers? Got any of those?

Of course not. That’s why your desk is a mess.  Or maybe you do have the desk accessories, desk organizers and space savers you need and just aren’t using them. In either case, today is the first day of the first day of your more organized life! Office space savers are the key to a neat desk. Store loose paperwork and mail in a letter tray. Instead of leaving your office supplies to roll around in your desk drawer or clutter a messy desk, get an office supply organizer. Then, after you get the desk organizers, space savers and desk accessories you need to keep your office neat and tidy, use them. An empty pencil cup or overflowing letter tray is not going to help you declutter your desk.

Now, are you using a desk calendar?

We know you need an office calendar to track appointments, mark the days until retirement, etc. But if you work at a small messy desk, you may do better hanging a wall calendar instead. A pretty wall calendar is also another great way to personalize your office.

Finally, do you have ample file storage?

Are there stacks of file folders on your office desk?  More hiding out of sight under the desk? If so, you need to break down and buy a file cabinet. Don’t worry – it’s not going to cost as much as you may think, and it will do your office a world of good. Store your file folders in a small, inexpensive 2 drawer file cabinet, and you’ll have a much neater, more organized office and desk. You’ve got a range of options to choose from – from a traditional HON 2 drawer metal file cabinet to this Storex mobile 2 drawer file cabinet.

If you work in a small or home office, and don’t have a ton of file folders to manage, store your files in a plastic file storage box. Keep pulled files organized and close at hand with a desk top file folder sorter or file folder rack. It’s a lot easier to keep your files properly organized when you have ample file storage. Plus, finding the file you need won’t be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Using a combination of desk accessories, space savers and desk organizers is the best way to declutter a messy desk.

Check out our 31 Days to Getting Organized

The Bling Ring

Nancy Jo Sales has been a prolific journalist in the New York media scene since the mid-nineties. Working in the glitzy world of celebrity journalism has its rewards–usually in the form of becoming incredibly connected to people and new opportunities. So, it’s not surprising that what began as a 2010 article she penned for Vanity Fair magazine called, “The Suspects Wore Louboutins,” about a group of upper-middle class kids from the Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley who were burglarizing the homes of celebrities including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom turned into a book deal for her and a film by Sofia Coppola.

Nancy will be at the DIVA Luncheon on May 15th and so you guys can congratulate her in person and ask her all of your questions.

In the meantime, The Bling Ring which hits bookstores on May 21st. (Buy it here now.) looks so juicy that I wanted to be among the first to get the scoop from her about the book, movie and how it all came together.

Zoe: Your book “The Bling Ring” has been all over the press and I read recently that Sofia Coppola is making it into a movie! How did that happen?

Nancy Jo: The book is coming out May 21 and the movie is coming out June 14, so it’s great timing. The movie is based on an article I did for Vanity Fair in 2010, “The Suspects Wore Louboutins,” about a group of kids from the Valley who were burglarizing the homes of celebrities including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom. They found out where they lived and where they would be from celebrity websites and their Twitter postings and celebrity news. Sofia Coppola optioned the story in 2010. I got approached by Harper Collins, the publisher, in Summer 2012. I hadn’t really thought about doing a book on the story before this. I had to turn it around really fast, in about six months. It was intense.

Zoe: It’s really interesting how celebrity gossip has become a dominate niche in journalism. What do you think about the ubiquity of the Hollywood gossip and how does that relate to your book?

Nancy Jo: These days it’s impossible not to hear Hollywood gossip, as the media has become so full of it. Today we have an unprecedented number of news outlets reporting on the every move of celebrities 24/7. This book is about the Bling Ring burglaries, fascinating crimes, but it’s also about celebrity obsession and the effect it has on kids, which I think is a really important thing for us to be thinking and talking about.

Zoe: Yes! Was that the most compelling aspect of the Bling Ring story for you?

Nancy Jo: It was incredible to me how bold the kids were, just walking into these very famous people’s houses and taking their stuff. Sometimes they went back to the houses multiple times. It got me thinking about the breakdown of the wall people between famous and un-famous. These days everyone can become famous with a few clicks of a mouse, through posting things via Twitter, Facebook or YouTube; so the kids didn’t really see any difference between themselves and the celebrities, in a way. I think their obsession was not only with fame, though, but with the celebrities’ wealth and lavish lifestyles. Our obsession with the super-rich is another thing that I think is very unhealthy for kids.

Zoe: I agree. Kids are growing up confusing marketing and promotional artifice for actual art. That’s a problem and vast topic for another time. For now, who are your writing inspirations?

Nancy Jo: I was a reader as a kid and still am and never stop being inspired by great writers. The ones I go back to again and again are Truman Capote, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Toni Morrison and Ralph Ellison.

Zoe: Have you met Alexis Neiers or any of the real life members of the Bling Ring? Do they know about the book? If so, what was their reaction? Do they think it’s cool they are being immortalized or are they mortified?

Nancy Jo: I interviewed Alexis and Nick Prugo at length for the article, and, more briefly, Courtney Ames. All of them know about the book, as I contacted all of their lawyers during the process of writing it, reaching out to do more interviews. None of them would agree to talk about it anymore. They seem to have conflicted feelings about their fame, or at least the way they became famous. Alexis was on an (E!) reality show in 2010, Pretty Wild, and had aspirations of being a model or an actress. Nick Prugo and Rachel Lee wanted to be fashion designers. So they had an interest in becoming part of the celebrity world before they became celebrity burglars.

Zoe: There is an interesting phenomenon happening where lines between being infamous and famous are blurry.

Nancy Jo: It’s about the time we live in and, for better or worse, that involves people like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. If you’re interested in celebrity culture and what’s going on with kids, you might find it interesting.

Zoe: Are you involved with the making of the movie at all?

Nancy Jo: The Bling Ring movie is based on my Vanity Fair article and I met with Sofia Coppola several times while she was writing the script to talk about the story. The movie is her vision, and it’s really great.

Zoe: Tell me what it’s like writing for Vanity Fair. What has been your best moment so far?

Nancy Jo: It’s a privilege to write for such a great magazine. One of my most incredible experiences was interviewing the actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi in 2011; they believed they were being hunted down by a group of murderous Hollywood executives they called “the Hollywood Starwackers” (the were in the grip of this delusion). I met up with them in Canada, where they had fled seeking asylum and still remain. It was very bizarre and very interesting.

Zoe: You recently wrote the Taylor Swift Vanity Fair cover story. What was she like?

Nancy Jo: Taylor’s talented and successful and got her head screwed on straight. I think all the teasing is a little unfair.

Zoe: Who would you love to interview that you haven’t yet?

Nancy Jo: I’ve done a lot of stories about famous people who are a little outrageous—Dennis Rodman, Courtney Love, Hugh Hefner. They always make for the most interesting stories. I’d love to interview Kim Jong Un, the head of North Korea. What is with him?

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We are proud of DIVA Barrie-Lynn a.k.a The Cheese Impresario for being selected for recognition by More Magazine.

Check out her website

Recently, one of the DIVAS mentioned she broke a tooth eating popcorn and suffered the demoralizing experience of having to go to work meetings with a chipped front tooth. She told me about how just weeks prior she’d met a woman who recommended a great restorative dentist. She didn’t realize she would be needing one so soon after getting that tip but the universe gives you what you need if you pay attention, right? Get this. The dentist was the woman’s ex-husband. The DIVA did some relationship math and figured he must be a good dentist and a decent guy if his ex-wife was recommending him.

So the DIVA made the appointment with Dr. Derek Faktor. He fixed her tooth and she said she didn’t experience any pain during or after the procedure. In fact, she ended up not even needing to fill the prescription for pain medication he gave her. She also confirmed that he’s a nice guy as well as very professional. Oh and in case you’re wondering…he’s single. Act fast! A single, good-looking doctor in Manhattan is like a unicorn — impossible to find. If you are taken and just need a great dentist.. he’s perfect for that too. Tell him the DIVAS sent you.

Here are his details:


Dr. Derek Faktor
693 Fifth Ave 14th Floor
New York, New York 10022


Karen Parker O'Brien and John Varvatos
When Style Room  launched its Manhattan shopping tour about a year ago, the company’s owner Karen Parker O’Brien had no idea it would become the success it is today. It went from being Parker O’Brien’s fun sideline service to what would become a lucrative revenue stream, one that’s brought Style Room tons of new business and massive media attention. (CNN, Daily Candy, Washington Post…to name a few!)

In the old shopping tour world, shoppers used to be herded around showrooms and/or stores like cattle for deals on clothing and accessories. However, on a Style Room Tour Experience they roll around in a limo, stocked with cocktails and a mixologist. Yes, that’s right, a mixologist that will make you hotsy-totsy cocktails of your choice while you are personally escorted by Parker O’Brien into a private world open only to clothing and accessories store buyers, owners, magazine editors and stylists.

I caught up with DIVA Karen via phone the other day (she is in NYC and I’m in LA). We discussed Style Room and how her tour is raising the bar in shopping and giving NYC tourism a nod from traveling and native-Manhattan fashionistas who previously would have never been caught doing a shopping tour. Here’s a peek into our DIVA Girl Talk session.  Read the rest of this entry »



Chances are you’ve already blown your New Year’s Resolutions. Hey girl, don’t feel bad! (In our Ryan Gosling voice.)

Everyone knows that if you aren’t already a size 2 and haven’t been living on GlowBio juices since fall, you’re probably not going to look like a Victoria’s Secret model by summer anyway. So why do the same weight-loss song and dance again?   The good news is, it’s not to late to start working on your inner peace. What?! Yep, that’s right…the noggin. That’s where it all starts. Meditation can help quite the super-active mind of the most ambitious Alpha-DIVA so she can focus on what’s most important in her life and forget the nonsense (people, places or things) that slow her down.

We know that you’ve got it all under control and you don’t need to improve relationships, psychological and physical health, sleep quality, or your mood. But in case you do, you can jump onto Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge and sort yourself out once-and-for-all in 2013. The program is FREE and comes complete with complete with emails that will guide you through a 16.5-minute daily meditation, keep you inspired, encourage you to write in an online journal, and help you pick up other life lessons when you register.

Yeah, it started two days ago, but you’re just in time. You can start today. (We are too!)

Go here to start.  The first couple of days we missed are posted so you can catch up.

Come on DIVAS, let’s rock this!

1. Thou Shall Not Chase Anything or Anyone. A DIVA stands still in her fabulousness and attracts what she wants.
2. Thou Shall Ask, Imagine, Believe, Align and Receive

3. Thou Shall Run Your Own Race and Not Worry About What Other People Are Doing

4. Thou Shall Give Business to Other DIVAS

5. Thou Shall Own Your Own Name as an URL and Use It to Promote Who You Are and  Link It to Your Business Website

6. Thou Shall Ask For Help When You Need It

7. Thou Shall Figure Out Your Passions and Make Them Part of Your Work

8. Thou Shall Have Multiple Streams of Income

9. Thou Shall Make One Night A Week Date Night With Your Significant Other ( or someone who has the potential to be)

10. Thou Shall Ask for What You Want and Then Set Up The Conditions Needed in Your Life to Allow it To Happen.

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